After 20 years experience in different industries and managing functions, I help companies anticipating the evolution of their markets and preparing their organisations accordingly. Executives can focus on operations.

In that respect, I share my experience in leading strategy development and innovation in established organisations, as well as starting up and developing new organisations from scratch.

I founded ECOVALENS in 2013. In addition to the services INNODRIVE and ACTIVEBOARD, I invest in projects and start-ups in their early phase, and I am willing to be an active contributor in their development.

Anne-Claire Pliska


I am pleased to help organisations in transformation phases:

  • INNODRIVE: developing and formalizing vision and strategy, as well as auditing and structuring the innovation management process in established organisation.
  • ACTIVEBOARD: reflecting and building up new collaboration frameworks between executive management and non executive board


Sustainability, Labeling; MyClimate

Energy: H.Glass, Energie du Jura, Elektron, T-Systems, Leclanché

Logistics: Swiss Post

Banking: PostFinance

Mobility: Auto Schwyz AG, SBB, PostAuto

Real Estate, New Work: Office Lab, Datamind


EcoValens is involved in the build-up of organisations and ventures, from the vision to the concrete setup and operation of the new legal entity.

The role of EcoValens is tuned to the concrete needs and opportunities:

  • Project Check-Up and Project Structuring, where EcoValens acts as a advisor.
  • Investment, i.e. EcoValens acts as a founder and shareholder, with board member roles
  • Setup and operation of the new organisation

You benefit from an extensive experience in technology and business innovation as well as a large network in several markets.

Fortunately, I had the chance to work on several projects with Anne-Claire. She is an inspiring, open minded and innovative leader with brilliant ideas and a lot of knowledge and experience. I was impressed how much Anne-Claire is familiar with both the technical and the business side.

Gerrit Schneider

Founder, Virtual Discovery GmbH

Anne-Claire is authentic and inspiring. She has anamazing drive coupled with a wealth of innovative ideas. She is able to work across business areas and sectors while seeking theright competences to push forward her endeavours and innovation projects.

Lukas Krienbühl

Co-Head Communication , Innosuisse


Crowdfunding platform and services for Cleantech

EcoValens co-founded the company in 2013 and sold it in 2018

Economical Association for the Smart City Sector

EcoValens co-founded the association in 2019 and from there on ensures its operational management

Cooperative building the digital infrastructure for mobility in CH

EcoValens cofounded the cooperative in 2019 together with 13 other players.


EcoValens AG

Juchweg 7

8915 Hausen am Albis

Dr. Anne-Claire Pliska

Tel: +41 79 172 67 13

email: anne-claire.pliska@ecovalens.com